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A series of panel discussions, online webinars and poetry recordings in line with the themes of At Home on the Farm.



At Home on the Farm: Meet the Artist

An In-Conversation with Mary Burke, Manchán Magan and Dr. Niamh NicGhabhann - Watch below!

Join us for a conversation between artist Mary Burke, writer and broadcaster Manchán Magan and historian and academic Dr Niamh NicGhabhann from University of Limerick. Introduced by Una McCarthy, Director/Curator, Limerick City Gallery of Art (LCGA), this recording promises to be a compelling exploration of At Home On The Farm which opened this week.  Manchán Magan, together with Dr Niamh Nic Ghabhann and the artist, will explore the work, Mary's experiences on the farms which she visited and  the insights that she gained when she moved her work out of suburbia, and into rural Ireland. Watch this In-Conversation here on this webpage below, or visit the LCGA Youtube channel. 






















Webinar for IWD (International Womens Day) 2021: #ChoosetoChallenge, 3pm March 8th 2021. 

Artist Women Farmers Webinar. 


This event has now taken place. Watch the Zoom recording below!

A challenged world is an alert world. Individually, we're all responsible for our own thoughts and actions - all day, every day.  We can choose to challenge and call out gender bias and inequity. We can choose to seek out and celebrate women's achievements.  Collectively, we can all help create an inclusive world. 

For IWD 2021 we have gathered a group of women who choose to challenge.

Each is a farmer, working on a farm of differing scale and size.  

Each of these women shows a deep commitment to the land, the places in which they live and the fragile ecosystems which support all of us who share the planet. 

Each is continually  adapting her practice. 


June Danaher runs a social farm in West Limerick, Sheila Flanagan raised in the city, runs Artfarm where she cultivates artistic and community practice, Lisa Fingleton farms in Kerry and is a practicing environmental artist as is Breda Larkin, farming her family homeplace and working as a comedian and performance artist. This webinar also features Mary Burke, the artist behind this exhibition At Home on the Farm. 

Our chair for the IWD gathering is Ella McSweeney, a regular presenter on RTE’s very popular EAR TO THE GROUND, a writer and champion of farming.  The discussion will explore each of the artist/farmer’s work, the challenges facing each of them in their farming lives as women and how they #ChallengeforChange.









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Watch the events live recording below. 























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Full & Plenty - Farming & The Future 

Panel Discussion - Available to watch below. 

Full and Plenty is an opportunity for  a conversation about the future of  farming, food production, its impact on climate and indeed, climate change’s impact on farming.   In economic terms, is it possible to imagine a time when the world will produce  ‘enough’ food to feed its burgeoning population?   As we struggle to bring the global pandemic under control, is it possible for us to imagine a fairer and more equitable food future? You are invited into this broad conversation about farming and its potential to be the solution to the social and environmental failure which we are witnessing.

This discussion is available to watch on Tuesday 13th April, here on and also on the LCGA Youtube channel. It will feature speakers Professor Mary Corcoran, Dr Edel Kelly, Dr Monica Gorman & Dr Stephen Kinsella.


Professor Mary Corcoran is Head of the Department of Sociology, and Associate Dean of the Faculty of Social Science at Maynooth University.  She  has been conducting research for a number of years on the potential role of urban agriculture to address issues of food security, sustainability and ecological stewardship.

Dr Edel Kelly worked as Chief Economist with the IFA and now as a lecturer and researcher at UCD where her  interests address cross-cutting topics, specifically technology adoption and innovation at farm level and the link between our science, our farms and our food.

Dr Monica Gorman has worked with semi-nomadic pastoralists on the Sudanese border with Eritrea , in Tanzania where she worked first with Irish Aid and then IUCN on community development in agriculture and natural resource management. She continues to bring her diverse experiences to bear in her current role at UCD in strengthening the attention to the social sciences in the school of Agricultural Science with its dominant natural science perspective and focus.

Dr Stephen Kinsella is Associate Professor of Economics at the University of Limerick. He is interested in the economics of small open economies like Ireland, and health systems research. He is widely known for his media work, is Chief Economics Writer for The, and was for 4 years a columnist with the Sunday Business Post. He has also written for the Guardian, the New York Times, and the Irish Independent.

This a pre-recorded Discussion, click below to watch. 








Talking Velvet: Poetry At Home on the Farm

Poetry Recordings - Available to view below!

The great Limerick poet Michael Harnett opens his FAREWELL TO ENGLISH with the lines:

Her eyes were coins of porter and her West 
Limerick voice talked velvet in the house: 
her hair was black as the glossy fireplace 
wearing with grace her Sunday-night-dance best. 

The poem is one of  a number which he wrote after he declared from the stage of The Abbey Theatre in 1974  that he was leaving English behind and from that point, would write only in Irish.  He travelled home to his rural roots and listened attentively as a  ‘West Limerick voice talked velvet in the house’  He luxuriates in the woman’s voice and in the warmth of a bar where the woman is pulling pints of porter and glasses of whiskey. Hartnett was formed in this rural setting and even when we lived in Dublin and London, he was drawn back ‘home’.

In ‘Talking Velvet’ , we celebrate  AT HOME ON THE FARM through inviting a number of poets to ‘talk velvet’ to us. Each of the poets will read and share poems that resonate with the theme of farming and farm lives where a deep reverence is held for the land. The poets however also allude to the conflicted emotions and challenge the romanticisation of farming life.   Given the times in which we all live, poetry’s mandate to measure the rhythms of the year has become a valuable form of witness. These too are here, the rhythms and cadences of farming life reflected in the work of these six poets.




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